Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Report of iPhone nano Sends Rumor Mill Into Overdrive - Article on MacNewsWorld

As Seen on MacNewsWorld By Walaika Haskins...

On Wednesday, Apple will hold another high-profile press event. As is often the case, only those in Cupertino know for sure what exactly will be introduced. However, a published report cites documents from an Apple partner indicating the event may mark the arrival of touchscreen iPods as well as a nano version of the iPhone, the first version of which is a mere two months old.

iPod owners may soon be saying farewell to an iPod feature that's been a part of the top-selling media player since its launch in 2001 -- the iconic clickwheel.

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Thursday, September 6, 2007

New: Adobe Font Folio 11 for Mac OS X

Adobe Font Folio 11 is a collection of more than 2,300 fonts from the Adobe Type Library in OpenType® format, which provides enhanced linguistic support, advanced typographic features, and true cross-platform compatibility. Use Font Folio 11 to expand your design options in virtually any medium — including print, web, video, and electronic documents.

Create for any medium on your Mac...
  • Print confidently, knowing that Adobe fonts offer reliable quality whether output to inkjet printers, laser printers, imagesetters, or platesetters.

  • Prepare classic or cutting-edge title effects for all your digital video and multimedia projects.

  • Create animated GIF images and other typographically rich elements for your web pages.

  • Complement your Adobe PDF workflow with Adobe typefaces, which can be embedded in Adobe PDF documents in their entirety or as compact subsets.

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Apple Unveils Wi-Fi iPod, Wi-Fi iTunes, Wi-Fi Starbucks Collaboration as Seen on MarketingVox...

Owners of the new wi-fi-enabled iPod touch will be able to buy songs on the spin at Starbucks - while the songs are playing.

Both products — the wi-fi iPod touch, and the Starbucks liaisonwere unveiled yesterday in an anticipated news event.

The new iPod boasts touch-screen capabilities, wireless functionalities and a Safari browser. Many Apple fans were able to predict its iPhone-esque appearance and functionalities in advance of the announcement.

The Starbucks relationship enables users to access — and instantly purchase — music played in Starbucks stores, as well as the last 10 tracks, and special Starbucks music collections. This capability will be available in participating stores as soon as October, and across the States by the end of 2008.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

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